Research & Development

On July 1, 2014, Actavis completed the acquisition of Forest Laboratories, creating one of the world’s fastest-growing specialty pharmaceutical companies. Actavis invests more than $1 billion annually in the development of distinctive brand and generic products. This commitment is driven by one of the strongest development-focused R&D organizations in the industry, with an emphasis on strategic, innovative development of important durable products that will drive long-term value, and on being the partner of choice for new and existing development collaborations.

An environment built for scientific advances

Forest’s scientific professionals work hand-in-hand with Business Development to identify and pursue high-potential compounds that address unmet market needs. With a growing talent pool supported by strong R&D investment, Forest has strengthened its ability to license innovative products at all stages of the development cycle and in a wide range of therapeutic areas. Our employees have a wealth of knowledge beyond those areas in which they currently work, allowing teams to easily adapt to specific needs and opportunities as they come.

Forest’s research and development approach has proven results: Our strong record of achievement includes nine approvals from seven different U.S. FDA divisions since 2007.

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Clinical Trial Investigators

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A focus on partnership

Once a compound enters our pipeline, Forest involves its partners at every step to formulate a development plan that will elucidate and maximize the benefits of the drug. All functional areas within Forest are well represented, and we maintain strong coordination among teams throughout the development process. Our aim is to ensure that the development process is as effective and efficient as possible, both for Forest and for our partner.

Post Marketing Commitments

Post Marketing Commitments (PMCs) and Post Marketing Requirements (PMRs) are studies and clinical trials conducted by a sponsor after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a drug or biological product. The studies/trials are designed to generate additional information about the product’s safety, efficacy, or optimal use. PMCs are studies or trials a sponsor has agreed with FDA to conduct; they are not required by statute or regulation. PMRs are studies or trials that sponsors are required to conduct post-approval according to statute or regulation.

Forest Laboratories, Inc. is subject to PMCs and PMRs covering a range of studies/trials in various stages of development. Click the “View Table” link below for details on the nature and status of PMCs and PMRs currently active for Forest products.

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