At Forest Laboratories, our business model is partnership-focused. We have structured our capabilities and operations to work with our global collaborators—from small biotech firms to multinational pharmaceutical companies—to deliver important new medicines to patients.

We are a mid-sized company with all the agility and flexibility of a smaller company, yet we provide our partners with resources and capabilities rivaling those of much larger pharmaceutical companies. Our culture is driven by the direct involvement and deep commitment of our senior management in all of our partnerships. In addition to a strong track record of bringing successful products to market, we have the most robust and diverse pipeline in our history. Through our partnerships, we also continue to grow our global footprint.

Forest’s strategy is to collaborate on clinically meaningful molecules. We are interested in compounds in all stages of development and therapeutic categories with potential that can be maximized via our capabilities, expertise, and extensive network of relationships around the world. While our preference is for post-proof-of-concept projects, we would also consider earlier stage projects depending on the scientific interest and validation of the mechanism of action under consideration. From in-licenses to co-promotes to acquisitions, we are increasingly regarded as the partner of choice for small and large companies the world over.

Forest is a highly motivated, reputable, experienced, and attentive partner, with a long history of delivering high-value partnerships.


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