On July 1, 2014, Actavis completed the acquisition of Forest Laboratories, creating one of the world’s fastest-growing specialty pharmaceutical companies. As a combined company, Actavis and Forest will invest more than $1 billion annually in the development of distinctive brand and generic products. This commitment is driven by one of the strongest development-focused R&D organizations in the industry, with an emphasis on strategic, innovative development of important durable products that will drive long-term value, and on being the partner of choice for new and existing development collaborations.

Partnership: The Building Blocks of Success

Our partnership-focused approach

Forest is a highly motivated and experienced partner with a long history of successful, high-value collaborations. Whether we’re working with small biotech firms, regional pharmaceutical companies, or multinational businesses, Forest’s commitment to flexibility and candor has helped us build lasting partner relationships that benefit patients and shareholders alike.

Today, Forest collaborates on clinically meaningful molecules that address important unmet needs. Our capabilities, expertise, and extensive network of relationships around the world allow us to take on opportunities in all stages of development and across therapeutic categories.

Establishing Forest in New Markets

Our successful partnership-focused business model has provided a solid foundation to reach markets around the world. Today, while Forest's commercial business is primarily U.S.-focused, our successful partnerships include companies based in Spain, Germany, France, Hungary, and more.

Forest has experience developing products on a worldwide scale. In 2012 alone, we enrolled more than 29,000 patients in clinical trials in 38 countries.

No matter how or where we operate, we are strategic and nimble in our pursuits. We invite you to get in touch with us to discuss partnership opportunities.