At Forest, compliance with the laws and regulations that govern our industry is a responsibility we focus on every day as we carry out our mission to improve patients' health and quality of life. Our Comprehensive Compliance Program is designed not only to fulfill these requirements, but to ensure that our business activities are conducted consistent with the highest standards of ethics and professionalism, and in a manner that benefits the healthcare community and, most importantly, patients.

Adherence to the PhRMA Code and OIG Guidance

As required by certain state law requirements, Forest posts select examples of applicable guidelines and policies on this website. These documents provide an overview of Forest's Comprehensive Compliance Program.

Forest Laboratories, Inc PhRMA & OIG Adherence

In accordance with Section 119402 of the California Health & Safety Code, the following documents contain information about:

Forest's Comprehensive Compliance Program and Annual Declaration Information
Accompanying specific dollar limits

These documents are free to be referenced and downloaded via this website. (NOTE: To obtain a hard copy version of information referenced in the Comprehensive Compliance Program via postal mail, you may be required to provide specific information.)


Consistent with commitments Forest has made under a Corporate Integrity Agreement entered into with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Forest publicly discloses information about its funding for Industry Support and about payments and transfers of value to physicians and certain related entities.

Industry Support

Forest is committed to supporting healthcare organizations and initiatives that provide valuable education or services to the healthcare community, patients, and caregivers. Forest provides support for medical education programs dedicated in content and emphasis to the advancement of objective scientific and educational discourse, in order to further healthcare provider and patient education; programs that improve patient access to care; and disease awareness programs. Forest also provides general support consistent with Forest’s corporate mission and public health objectives.

Information about Forest’s Industry Support program (including grants, sponsorships, and general contributions), and Forest’s Transparency Reports, can be found on Forest’s Industry Support website (

Relationships with Healthcare Professionals

Forest Laboratories, LLC ("Forest"), an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of Actavis, plc, believes that appropriate interactions with healthcare professionals are critical to advancing the development of new medicines and improving patients’ health and quality of life. In our interactions with healthcare professionals, we stress the communication of accurate scientific and educational information about our products, so as to enable healthcare professionals to make the best possible treatment decisions for their patients.

In the course of our interactions with healthcare professionals, we sometimes provide such professionals with payments or other items of value. These may include payments for services provided by such professionals, such as consulting or speaking activities, and associated reimbursement for reasonable travel expenses; modest meals or snacks incidental to presentations about our products or incurred while providing services for our company; modest educational items; or support for independent scientific research.

Actavis, plc and all of its subsidiaries works hard to ensure that all aspects of our interactions with healthcare professionals, including the provision of payments or other transfers of value, are conducted consistent with the highest legal and ethical standards, and solely for bona fide business and educational purposes. Consistent with this objective, and in accordance with our commitments under the Forest Laboratories, Inc. Corporate Integrity Agreement, we provide on this website a Disclosure Report that contains information about the financial relationships of Forest and Aptalis with physicians. Forest acquired Aptalis in February of 2014. The Disclosure Report includes information about U.S.-licensed physicians and related entities who have received payments or transfers of value from Forest and Aptalis, such as those described above. The Clinical Research Disclosure Report includes information about payments made to U.S. research institutions and entities, hospitals, and physicians in connection with Forest, Aptalis and Furiex-sponsored clinical research. Furiex was acquired in July of 2014, and shortly thereafter some research-related payments were made through the Forest financial system. These payments will be included in the Clinical Research Disclosure Report.


If you have questions regarding reported data or just want to learn more about Forest's position on disclosure, please contact us at:

(888) 518-2400, Option 3



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